Five everblü Features You’ll Love

Small businesses near and far are falling in love with the features of everblü. This cloud-based communication solution is perfect for small businesses that want to improve productivity, communication security, and customer response-time without breaking the bank. These affordable features are included with an upgrade to everblü and they’re sure to make your small business seem “big”!

Auto Attendant

Small businesses are just that…small. Between client meetings and community events, it’s a rarity for you or your staff to be physically present to answer the phone. With auto-attendant, call routing is a breeze. Incoming calls are automatically “picked up” and routed to wherever you are with the same professionalism of a call center. You get all the “staffing” perks without the overhead.

Unified Communications

With varying schedules, keeping your team connected to clients and co-workers can be tough. everblü channels all company communications through one simple web-interface. You’ll enjoy voicemail to text, instant audio conferencing, Call Recording, and “presence” to see which members of your team are at their desk and ready to take a call. Can your current phone system do that?

Business Continuity

When your Internet Service Provider has an outage, what’s your back up plan? You’re always in touch with everblü. You can easily route callers to your cell phone so you never miss an opportunity. All your customers need to know is their call got through. And once Internet connectivity is restored, calls are easily routed back to your business line. Now, that’s the way to future-proof your business!

Customizable Interface

Whether you have five or fifty employees, everblü adapts to fit your specific communication needs. No need to maintain multiple external phone lines, in case they’re needed. With everblü you can eliminate complication and reduce cost. For one low monthly price, everblü provides unlimited call paths so you can adjust call capacity on the fly. Plus, you have access to a FREE Mobile App to help you stay connected on the go.

is always-on and always up-to-date. This cloud-based platform is routinely updated and monitored through remote access so system down-time is virtually eliminated. Forget break-fix. It’s always smooth sailing with everblü!

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