If It “Ain’t” Broke…

Do you remember the good ol’ days of the landline? Telephone calls over copper wire?

What could be better, right?

It seems like such a thing of the past, and yet, there are still a high percentage of businesses using that antiquated technology. After all, it works. Why move away from something that still works?

The two major carriers for landlines in the US are AT&T and Verizon. Both of these companies are pushing to move everything off landlines by 2020. The reasoning behind the push to go away from landlines is valid.

  1. Copper is very expensive to maintain.
  2. Copper has been in place for so many years that failures and service issues with the infrastructure are beginning to arise on a more regular basis.

It’s easy to see why the carriers would want to move away from the traditional landline. It costs them a lot of money to maintain.

This brings us back to our original question:

Why make the move away from something that still works?

Antiquated or not, it works!

When did you last take a really good look at your phone bill? Customers who are on landlines are paying upwards of 50 dollars per month for every line coming into the building. Add your long distance charges to that, and making the move away from the traditional service becomes a little more clear.

As the world continues making the shift from copper to internet communications, the price for old technology will exponentially increase without any added value to show for the money.

So what options do you have?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is ready and waiting!

For detailed information about VoIP,

check out this article.

The benefits to VoIP telecommunications are heads and tails above the traditional landline technology. Whether you us it in conjunction with a phone system housed in your building (On-Premise) or one hosed in the cloud (Hosted), VoIP is going to be the only option for communications within the next few years. This is nothing to fret about because the benefits to your business will add value far beyond the cost savings.

  1. VoIP is easier to install, configure, and maintain. No more clunky phone rooms with messy punch down wires hanging all over the place.
  2. The scalability is astounding! Increasing or decreasing users is practically as easy as pushing a button.
  3. Employee’s extension number follows them wherever they go.
  4. Your call features are no longer add-ons, but included without incurring special charges.
  5. Even your faxing can now be done over the internet. No longer do you need a clunky fax machine, but can receive your faxes right to your email inbox.
  6. Save money on hardware costs when you use VoIP as a hosted solution.
  7. Integrate easily with an On-Premise phone system.

Are you ready to dump your landline?